Body Balance in Twin Falls Idaho

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Another Custom Home in Jerome, ID

Jerome Idaho Custom Home

When we decided to build our home, we visited with friends who had recently built and others who were familiar with contractors, Steve’s name kept popping up. We were impressed with the quality of construction, craftsmanship and creativity of his Parade homes. During the planning process, Steve had a lot of creative ideas, listened and worked with us, incorporating our ideas into a workable plan. He was able to take our plan and integrate it into our site’s varying elevations and unique rock formations. During the building process, Steve was very organized, he and his contractors demonstrated a high level of competence, craftsmanship and attention to detail. We are delighted with the outcome and are enjoying our home. With Steve’s expertise our dream home is a reality.

Bob and Judy Wright

Another Custom Home in Gooding, ID

Gooding Idaho Custom Home

High Quality home, Excellent Detail, Creative, Honest, Organized, Good Communication, and easy to work with, Steve did an amazing job on our home. It is undoubtedly built to last, and absolutely gorgeous. I definitely recommend Steve to everyone.

Lenny and Evynn Gillette

Another Custom Home in Twin Falls, ID

Twin Falls Idaho Custom Home

It seems surreal now to sit in a home that a year ago was just a dream. Thanks for your help in making reality better than what we were planning on our own.

We value the friendship and relationship formed during the planning and building of our home. Sara and I had been thinking about and planning a home for years. We had ideas about the ways we wanted our home to look and function. Your skills and contributions in both the design and build process were respectful and understanding of our goals while adding insight and meaningful options that complemented our ideas. We appreciated your willingness to consider how the physical space of our home and its amenities would shape our family dynamics both now and through the future. Because of your considerations, we “feel” at home.

Other families who had built homes sometimes told us of the headaches and frustrations surrounding building. While building wasn’t easy, we look on it with happy memories. We think that the things you brought to the process that made building “fun” were your patience, good listening skills, great ability to keep us involved and informed, lack of hidden surprises, eye for high quality, and honesty/integrity at every step of the process. I appreciated your willingness to suggest that we look at other vendors or products when the price for what you had previously used seemed too high, your ability to look for the most economic use of our dollars whenever we made a change, and open discussion about costs and value from beginning to end. In addition, I never felt worried or defensive about coming to you with questions or concerns.

So it is now just a little sad that we don’t see or talk to you as much. We are glad that you are not just our builder, but over this past year have become our good friend. We’re thankful for our home and think you should be proud of how it turned out. We’ll always be willing to let others know and see for themselves where this kind of quality and experience comes from.

We are happy!

Dr. Greg and Sara Jones

P.S. The girls love the surprise doll house you left them – we didn’t know we were getting two houses in one!

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